The Royal Chronicle of Chosun Dynasty (Volume 47) 20th year of King Jungjo on 6 September 1797 (Lunar Calendar)

On the day of Imshin i.e. 6 September 1797, the Governor of Kyongsang Province, Lee Hyong-won, came running and reported the following in writing. "A strange ship from a country arrived off the Yong-dang-po Bay, Tongnae County. There were 50 people in the ship. All of them had hair tied or pulled back. They wore either hats made of thick white material on their heads or hats made of wisteria. The shape looked just like our warrior hat. They dressed themselves in thick black material, 3 Dae long. The shape looked like Hyopsoo in Korea. They wore thin trousers. They were high-nosed and blue-eyed. They were asked to answer the name of their country and why they came to Korea after having
drifted at sea. They neither knew nor understood any Chinese, Japanese or Mongolian. We provided them with brushes to write and their writing resembled like mountains covered with clouds. Though pictures were drawn, we still could not understand. The ship was 18 Bal long (i.e. 30 meters) and 7 Bal wide (i.e. 11 meters). Cedar wood was used for both the left and right planks of the ship which were all covered with copper plates again. They were firm, elaborate, exquisite and complete so that there was no leakage even in water."

The Admiral in charge of three provinces, Yoon Duk-kyu, came running and reported in writing."Drifted people looked like westerners with high noses and blue eyes when I rushed to the Yong-dang-po Bay to see them after having been reported by the Tong-nae Magistrate, Jung Sang-woo. In addition, the cargoes in the ship were all western goods such as glass bottles, telescopes and silver holeless coins. We could not understand their language and pronunciation at all, but we could realise only a four syllabled word Nang-ga-sa-gee which referred to the island of Nagasaki in Japan. It seemed that this merchant ship arrived here after having drifted here and there from the island of Nagasaki. Looking at us, they pointed their hands to the vicinity of Tsushima motioning the wind by blowing with their mouths as if they were waiting for the right wind. Orders were given them and we had them sail after having waited for the wind to be in their favour.

1. Date of arrival in port 14 October 1797
  (25 August by Lunar Calendar)
2. Date of sailing 21 August 1797
  (2 September by Lunar Calendar)
3. Date of the above report 25 October 1797
  (6 September by Lunar Calendar)