Fresh breezes and very pleasant weather from the N. W. quarter: the nights were cool and the days warm, having a clear sun We had no boats off till after breakfast, when two came full of visitors, dressed in a superior style to any we had yet seen. In each were some soldiers carrying small spears, that were as staffs to their colours, which were a blue sattin field, with their arms in yellow characters. The hats of the Soldiers were decorated with peacock's feathers. They made me a present of salt fish, rice, and sea-weed (fucus Sacharinus).

After many inquiries respecting us, we plainly saw they were
extremely anxious for our departure, which I explained to them
was impossible, as we were much in want of wood, water, and
refreshments. They immediately offered to send us any quantity
of the former, but I could not persuade them to send any of the cattle we pointed out to them, grazing on the shore. As money appeared of no value, and we had no other means to induce them, we were under the necessity of bearing with the disappointment, of seeing daily what we could not procure.

These great men were dressed in the same form as the others
we had before seen., but their garments were much finer, and the outer one was of a light blue gauze or tiffany.

Under their chins, as if tying their large black hats, they had a
string of large beads, either agate, amber, or black wood, which was suspended in a bow over their right ears. Some of their hats were tipped with silver round the crown.



October 15th