October 15th

The attendants and those in office paid these men the most
submissive respect, always speaking and answering the questions put to them in a stooping posture, looking upon the deck.

It now occurred to me these people must have arrived after dark last evening, and were the same to whom we had refused admittance, while our suspicions led us to suppose they had some other view to gratify than mere curiosity, by coming so late.

The arrival of our new friends prevented our being troubled
with so many visitors, much to our satisfaction. But unfortunately the same interdiction extended to our walking on shore, but not so much so as to preclude our making astronomical observations, or taking off water; yet the assemblage of people was so great as to materially affect our operations, notwithstanding the military were so stationed
as to keep off the crowd, which they did at times most effectually, by exercising upon their persons large bamboo sticks.

In the afternoon they sent us water in jars and tubs, and took
our casks with them afterwards, as a more expeditious way of
supplying us, which were brought off in good order. A soldier
constantly attended in these boats, who seemed to have the
principal direction.

The night was moderate, and fair weather from the northward.


Fresh breezes and very equally from the N. E. quarter, with dark cloudy weather, which prevented our having much communication with the shore. Our friends, notwithstanding the violence of the wind, sent us both wood and water.