The wind remained in the same quarter, but more moderate; and in the afternoon we were visited by deputies from the great men, to know if we had wood and water enough to permit our sailing. I told them, it was not my intention to sail for three days. They were then desirous I should make it two days, which I would not agree to. After taking some refreshment, they went on shore to deliver the answer. The deputies were gayly and handsomely dressed; their outer garments being chiefly sea-green, light blue, and French grey, highly glazed; and the manufacture, of cotton, not very fine. They also wore very neat leather slippers, ornamented with silver and golden spangles They were affable and conservable men.

We landed opposite the schooner, to observe the latitude; and instantly we had a military guard from the village, who attended to our motions till we returned on board. We were employed in the afternoon receiving wood and water.



Strong breezes and cloudy weather from the N. E. quarter. Our friends were still employed bringing us water. Of wood we were already complete; it was all of the same sort, and what is called the fox-tail pine. Some of the logs were very large timbers, which gave us a great deal of trouble to cut and split. In the afternoon we had all our water on board: in consequence we had another deputation from our friends, who were made to understand I should stay two days longer to observe the sun.

In the evening the wind moderated; and the heavy clouds
produced rain, which continued throughout the night.