Moderate breezes from the N. E., with constant rain. We had
another deputation respecting our departure, equally unsuccessful with the others: for the rainy weather entirely prevented our taking any altitudes to regulate the going of our watch.

These people made use of parchment covers for their hats, to
exclude the rain; and they had umbrellas of the same kind. The rain still continued without intermission, which induced me to make an excursion up the harbour, in hopes of not being molested. Our friends were not inattentive to our motions, for we soon perceived two boats in pursuit of us. They however did not join our party till we were returning; which the increasing bad weather induced me to do, without attending to their solicitations.


We had moderate and very cloudy weather, and the rain had
subsided. Our friends came off in the morning, and strongly
urged our departure; but not having seen the sun, we could not oblige them. The weather also remained unsettled; and there was a great sea in the offing, which caused a swell in the entrance of the harbour.

They talked about our excursion in the boat yesterday, which
they disapproved of, and explained that if we landed at the white houses up the harbour we should be very ill treated, if not put to death; and begged us not to go away in the boat any more. Soon after they landed; and, as if they still suspected our intentions, they immediately sent off four boats, having a soldier with their colours in each. I would not suffer them to come along-side, and they remained at anchor as guard-boats upon our bows and quarter. Towards the evening they left us to ourselves. We only landed and took off some water, to which they had no objections. The night was moderate